Program Development & Implementation
Creative programs, courses, and content to improve lives

Program and Content Development, Implementation, and Assessment

Boston Public Health Commission | Partnering with the Deputy Commissioner and health equity leaders from across Boston, I served as project consultant driving forward the conceptualization, content, sponsorship, and operations of the 2023 symposium, Advancing Health Equity. This event convened 250+ leaders from across sectors with a shared vision for healthier and more equitable future by building on lessons learned through the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Tufts University | I co-developed and currently teach an undergraduate course: A Practical introduction to Global Health, demystifying practical and functional aspects of effective global health program development, assessment, and sustainability. Our course has consistently received the highest ratings from students and has been recognized by Tufts with the Distler Family Foundation grant. 

Division of Global Health Equity, Brigham and Women's Hospital | As Director of Programs and Administration, l developed the BWH Zanmi Lasante Administrative Fellows program, customizing an unprecedented curriculum and exchange program for Haiti-based leaders. I also served as Program Director for Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health’s Global Health Delivery Intensive Program, drawing up to 60 students from 25 countries for an annual 3-week academic program.

Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital | As Director of Health Equity Strategy and Implementation, I designed and facilitated a ground-breaking grant initiative, seeding 30+ innovative health equity projects, establishing learning

collaboratives, building a practitioner community, and improving care practices both institutionally and with national impact. I also co-developed a customized mentoring model and related evaluation for interns and residents who are underrepresented in medicine. 

EqualHealth | Working with a global community of health professionals, educators, and activists who are dedicated to the fight for health equity which transcends borders, I have supported the development of the Social Medicine Consortium, the Global Campaign Against Racism and the Healing ARC campaign. Specifically, I have developed program content, communications, funding strategy, and partnerships supporting a critical mission.

Program Planning, Curriculum Development, Implementation & Assessment