Research collaborator and opinion writer focused on issues of domestic and global health equity.
Experienced editor making complex content accessible and visually compelling.
Creative, efficient, and successful grant writer.   

Academic Publications

Addressing the Caste System in US Healthcare in the Era of COVID-19. Sivashanker, K., Couillard, C., Goldsmith, J., Eappen, S. International Journal of Health Equity. 19, 184 (2020).  

Identification of Racial Inequities in Access to Specialized Inpatient Heart Failure Care at an Academic Medical Center. Eberly, L., Richterman, A., Wispelwey, B., Goldsmith, J., … Loscalzo, J., Morse, M., Lewis, E. Circulation: Health Failure. 2019; 12.

Learning from the Pursuing Equity Initiative. Institute for Health Improvement. October 2019.

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Reports and Toolkits
National Roadmap for Opioid Settlements, 2023. (contributor, editor). 

Brigham and Women's Hospital Division of Global Health Equity Annual Report, 2018.

Mentor Enhanced Supervision for Healthcare Quality Improvement - Implementation Guide. Editor J. Goldsmith. Partners In Health, 2018.

Costing Toolkit for District Health Systems. Co-editor J. Goldsmith. Partners In Health, 2018.

Brookline Town Meeting Member Association Handbook. Editor, Designer, 2018, 2022. 

100 Years of Driscoll School, Editor, Researcher, 2012. 

Letters to the Editor
In Brookline open-space debate, dust has settled, but not rancor. Boston Globe, 12 Dec 2022. 

Firestone in Liberia. This is Why Critical Race Theory Matters. Boston Globe, 3 April 2022. 

We Asked Every Presidential Candidate the Same Reader Question. Boston Globe, 25 Feb 2020. 

What the Adversity Index Doesn't Tell Us. Boston Globe, 5 June 2019. 

Reframing the Victim. New York Times Magazine, 15 Sept 2015. 

Selected Columns and Op-Eds
Paul Farmer of Blessed Memory, Temple Israel Boston Shabbat Awakenings with Rabbi Elaine Zecher. 25 Feb 2022. 

The Power of Paul Farmer, Brookline Town Meeting Member Association, 22 February, 2022. 

An Opportunity to Reimagine Inclusion in Brookline's Advisory Committee. Brookline Tab, 24 June 2020. 

The Inadequacies of the Iowa Caucuses resonate in Massachusetts. Brookline Tab, 30 March 2020. 

The Real Crime Behind Varsity Blues: Structural Inequities in Access to Higher Education. Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership, April 2019.

What Makes a Neighborhood. Brookline Tab, 15 Feb 2017. 

Report from Two Campuses, Bridges, Fall 1990.