I began my career in community-based patient care
and have forged a path focused on values,
anchored in skills, inspired by colleagues and mentors, and dedicated to equity.  

I am an imaginative and experienced strategic thinker and educator who works with senior non-profit leaders as a utility player and trusted partner. I develop programs and evaluations, grant proposals and stewardship plans, communications and stories that matter, budgets and financial projections, courses and cases, all in service of more equitable care. I teach the core components of program design and implementation for equity and mentor students who strive to improve the world. 

Roots in community health have informed every step of my professional journey. 

I began my career in direct care as a home health aide, then a case manager working with clients who faced poverty and isolation while navigating the often labyrinthine systems designed to support their needs. This work solidified my awareness of the complex realities in the lives of individuals, the strengths they bring to hardship, and the systems that can improve lives or complicate them, depending on design and implementation.

I discovered a passion for developing programs, processes, analytics, and communications that make lives better on a large scale.

My early work in patient care inspired me to pursue my Masters in Health Policy and Management at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. From there I worked in academic medicine, leading clinical resource analysis at University of Chicago Hospitals, strategic financial planning at Brigham and Women's Hospital, and strategic initiatives in medical education at Mass General Brigham. I also developed financial models that guided a long-term vision for Harvard University's Faculty of Arts and Sciences as Assistant Dean for Finance and Strategy.

After more than ten years in planning and finance, I refocused my work to center on global and domestic health equity.

With a reimagined professional mission, I redirected my career to leadership roles in global health. In partnership with the Peace Corps I helped to launch Seed Global Health, envisioning an expanded health care workforce in sub-Saharan Africa. I amplified best HIV prevention practices working with Harvard's AIDS Prevention Research Project. And I supported the expansion of cancer care globally working with Harvard's Global Equity Initiative, Partners In Health, and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Paul Farmer’s expansive view of human dignity was contagious. Working for him transformed my sense of what's possible.

In 2014, my life changed dramatically when I went to work for Dr. Paul Farmer. For seven years, with Paul's trust in me, I led programs and administration in Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Division of Global Health Equity in partnership with Partners In Health and Harvard Medical School. I developed and launched a unique administrative fellowship with Haitian partners at Zanmi Lasante, worked with EqualHealth to triple its funding and globalize its programming in social medicine and racial justice, and created a health equity grant initiative that has led to groundbreaking changes in more equitable health care at BWH and across the US. I also served as a trusted partner and program developer with Partners In Health, COPE in Navajo Nation, Last Mile Health in Liberia, Wuqu'Kawoq in Guatemala, Vital CxNS in Boston, and numerous NGOs and leaders that share a commitment to equity in patient care.

Respect for community health, strong technical skills, and deeply valuing mentors and partners, all contribute to my current portfolio.   

I now work with healthcare systems, non-profits, foundations, and the public sector to bring to life their plans for health equity improvement that change the lives of patients, clinicians, and communities. I engage in rigorous research and build compelling cases for equity, collaborating with leaders, and supporting boards to fulfill their missions. And I teach the fundamentals of successful non-profits and nuts and bolts of global health care delivery to college and graduate students.

I earned a BA from the University of Michigan, an MS from the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, and an MEd from Boston College and trained as an Improvement Coach through the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. My most profound learning continues to come through mentors and colleagues who are partners in their dedication to improving all lives.